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Our main values that made us one of the most prestigious law firms in Cyprus are; commitment, quality and ambition of success.

Family Law

Bilgehan Law Office, also having broad wide experience about Turkish Family Law, is therefore one of the most preferred offices about legal proceedings.

Maritime Law

Maritime Law is another field which Bilgehan Law Office has especially focused on. Bilgehan Law Office is one of the leading law offices about Maritime Law with its wide client portfolio from ship owners to ship leasers, from P&I clubs to ship insurance brokers, from cargo owners to all of the other advanced marketings.
Our team has legists especially specialized in the areas from charterparty and bill of lading agreements to cargo demands and assembly with shipbuilding about possible conflicts between the parts at marine industry.

Maritime-Shipping/General Insurance Law

With its legists expertised about every sorts of legal conflicts and compensaion cases caused by insurance policies issued with general insurance law along with maritime and shipping insurance, our office is one of the most preferred offices with its client portfolio from the biggest insurance companies to individuals.

Contract Law

Our firm considerates every sort of conflicts originated from Contract Law, from preparing various contracts to resolution of the contract based conflicts that have come to the court phase and takes an active role at trial phase of similar conflicts as well. With this role of its own, our office not only managed to develop a very wide ranged experience web at contract law area, but also has come to the position of one of the most preferred offices in T.R.N.C.

Deed Assignment/Alienation and Prosecution

Our team gives the most detailed and priviliged services at buying and selling properties within range of T.R.N.C to foreign clients who doesn’t know legistations of T.R.N.C. Therefore in addition to previewing or preparing buy and sell contracts, applying and tracking for the licences that foreigners have to procure from Administrative Organs of T.R.N.C about buying properties takes place along with the other responsibilities of our team.

Banking and Finance Law

Our team which is formed of expert legists, considers many fields in the context of Banking and Finance Law about various banking procedures and from preparation of several banking documents (ex: Bank Letter of Guarantee, Letter of Credit etc.), writing contracts that have national or international attributes relevant to these and setting meetings between the parties to court phase.

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